Arctic Circle Artist Residency

Autumn 2019

The fall after finishing her Post-Graduate Fellowship at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute Chloe Louise was privileged to participate in a multi-week artist residency in the far north of Svalbard. Along with 27 other artists representing a variety of artistic mediums, she sailed along the coast of Svalbard, witnessing glaciers, incredible wildlife, and finding herself deeply inspired by the stories of people who have been challenged by, and persevered in, such an extreme environment. After six consecutive years of musical academia she needed a deep creative reset, an experience that would reignite the pure passion for music and storytelling that she had entered school with six years prior. This experience in the Arctic was exactly that; Chloe left the ship forever changed as a person, and as a creative. She also left the ship with a body of work that she has been slowly developing, revisiting, and delving deeper into over the past years. She plans to write and release a project based on these experiences, a project that reflects many of the heartwarming and equally heart wrenching stories she connected to while sailing. Until that happens, please enjoy the gallery of photos and snippets of work below.

If you are interested in applying for this residency you can find more information by clicking the button below and are welcome to reach out with any questions